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A glimpse of my favorite projects...



Led the production of the story about the first Mexican female scientist that cured the human papillomavirus in a group of women with a non-invasive theory. I took the initiative to contact and interview the doctor.

Conceptualized and created virtual space where IDB employees across the globe could create their own avatars and immerse themselves in a dynamic experience that featured artwork by Afro-descendant artists, insightful blogs from our gender and diversity experts, and personal stories from members of our teams.

Through Honoring Legacies, this space aimed to foster a community where employees could come together, learn, and have fun - no matter their location.

Shot, edited and produced this story for the newscast "Edicion Digital". The story is about the first museum in The Americas that combines 3D art with virtual reality. 

  • These Instagram reels are part of the multi-channel online campaign I executed to recruit talent for the Inter-American Development Bank's Internships in Washington, D.C. The campaign resulted in   24k website visits, an increase of 8,500 followers on Facebook and LinkedIn, and a CTR of 6.28%, in less than two weeks.

  • Executed, produced, and edited all the video content in this campaign. The Instagram reels resulted in more than 90k views and 1,000 shares (per post).

  • Created template in Adobe Effects to adapt prerecorded content (2,3,4 screens) into the branded theme of Girl Up's Leadership Summit.

  • Lead the production and edition of the prerecorded content for Girl's Up first virtual Leadership Summit. 

Developed this Instagram story as part of the social media campaign I was responsible for in the project: “Trump Org: a magnet for dirty businessmen.”

Shot, edited, and produced the following content for the newscast NCC News. 

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